Sabtu, 27 Februari 2010


..and to be honest, between Kenshin Himura and Makoto Shishio, I prefer the truth of Shishio more than that of Kenshin.

"If you are strong, you will live. If you are weak, you will die"

-Makoto Shishio-

Cruel enough, the rule of the jungle 'survival of the fittest' could be arguably right in this era.

Even in denial that the weaks shouldn't be oppressed and the idea of justice for all, it is not always right in the core of natural human society.

I am talking about natural. Not a fake mask that we put on ourself just to show that we care enough for others. But well, that's the way it is.

But in this era, the 'strong' too can be defined by the 'best'. The best in everything, or on some sort of things that shine out of others.

No one really give a damn if you failed your exam. It is your own fault. If you failed your life, no one is going to feed you. People sought for purpose in everything. That is, if you are of no purpose, everybody will discard you.

Sorry Kenshin, I am not a sweet talker like you.

I am just being realistic.

That is, what I had learned from my last 10 years of life. It is filled with misery and fuelled with anger. And also with some sort of things that unbearable to the mind of person at the same age of me. But I survived. Because I realized that the natural law will always prevail no matter how firm you believe in your idea that life is fair for everybody and should be kind for the weak.

That is how I survived.

By realizing that no one give a goddamn care about me. Unless I myself care about what I want to be.

Familiar with the story?

Same like what Sojiro Seta has been gone through ain't it?

But it is the truth.

Life is miserable and not fair. It is cruel.

It is a fact.

The faster that you can accept it, the better you will get in accepting things in your life.

I am a naturalist.

But it is a good thing though, in any way to think like the way Kenshin think. To think that everybody deserves the right to live even if you are weak. It, at least gives a hope for the weak to live. So that they in the future will become stronger. Hope, is what peoples need.

And to think that Kenshin gained survival spirit and the will to live when he was fighting with Shishio by thinking of Kaoru. By recalling that Kaoru is waiting for him, and that he must survive for his promise to Kaoru.

Somebody is waiting for me too. And I had made a promise to her to come back.

I will survive this battle, and come back again, that I will.

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