Khamis, 9 April 2015


..and the moon seen from my windows must not be the same. But I'm pretty sure that the stars in the night sky was the same.

It was the same 27 earth orbit ago.

So it be, the earth has orbited the sun exactly 27 times since the day I was born.

And the earth has rotated 100 times on its orbit since January 1st this year.

Oh how time flies.

I hate this day.

It is a sad reminder that I am already old, yet achieved nothing in my life.

27 times has the earth circled the sun, and I haven't achieved anything!

But I've started to see different shades of the sky's blue lately.

A brighter shade, the sort of sparkling and bright blue.

A better blue.

A better blue sky.

I hope exactly 1 earth circle from now things will get better.