Khamis, 4 Februari 2010

..hill on the fog..

..and in my opinion people are like an iceberg, floating in a cold, vast and empty sea water. So huge the sea, that it seems to be alone. People wander in the sea, trying to search for something, and try to complete something.

And that cold sea, it is not something that we can barely see with our own eyes only, we need to see it with our experience, and mind. For that cold sea above of it is fogs, covering the see in every angle that we can think. In some place, the fog is thick, while in some warmer place it is thin.

And the fog hides everything in its way. Almost everything.

And that floating iceberg in the sea, most of it are immersed in the cold water. Only the tip of it is visible. The part under the sea level, we cannot think. That is something hidden.

But still, that tip of the iceberg soon again will be covered by the fogs.

And only the tip of that tip above the fog can be seen by the eyes.

But hold, that tip of the iceberg hidden inside the fog can still be seen. Seen not by the eye of human, but by the eye of mind, and eye of experience. Of course from our experience we know that fogs hid something. And if the tip is visible above the fogs, we can figure out there are part that are hidden under the fog too.

We know, from our experience.

We too are an iceberg. We know beneath the fog of our lives, there is something that people cannot see.

Say for example if we saw a man running with smart outfit and ties on. We knew, from our experience that man must be late or in a hurry, because we would run if we were.

And if saw somebody cried, we would know that she was feeling sad. Because we too would do that if we were sad.

And going deeper into the fog, we will soon can think of the answer to the underneath question. Why somebody is sad? By looking at an elderly woman sitting alone in her rocking chair, crying sad, we might think that her husband just died, or her son didn't care about her anymore.

Oh, and ever answer that we can reason for everything that we see is just merely the answer to our experience, the answer of what we keep in our fog.

Floating in a big sea, able only to see the tip of the tip of the iceberg, that is our lives.

Living alone in this live, able only to see what people's actions and emotions that are shown from by their own reason, that is our fog.

But we always forget that under the tip of the iceberg hidden under the fog, there is still a huge part of the iceberg, the real iceberg. Massive size that we ourselves cannot imagine.

And of course we too have this real part of iceberg. But we do not aware of it. We just feel it. We cannot see it, it is under the fog, under the sea. We just know that it exist. But sadly most of the time, we forget about it.

And that real iceberg is the real people's live. The part that no one can truly see, the part that even its own bearer hardly notices.

That is the reason for every reason of our every action.

Maybe we see woman cries, and we know she is sad. And she cries because she has been left by her boyfriend. Well, fair enough we can understand that part. That is the reason for her action.

And we might too think in ourselves how stupid is she to cry because a man. From our experience, we have been through all of that, and now we are strong. We know we shouldn't cry for a bastard that doesn't even care about us anymore.

But hold! That thought that we have in our mind is just our experience that we have, it is just our tip inside the fog. It is everything that we know, it is the thing that we care. It is the answer that we can deduce, it is the guess that we made of what is inside her fog.

Is it always true?

Most probably it is.

Until the part of our reasoning towards her reason of crying because of sadness that results from being left by her boyfriend, that is still correct.

But bear in our mind, there is more under the sea. The biggest part of her, the biggest part of her iceberg. The thing that she has in herself.

It is not the same with the part of iceberg that we have in our lives.

Maybe she has been raised by accepting that crying is normal, maybe in her lives she has never been told of being strong, maybe in her environment that is what people used to do, and maybe from her experience, she has gone through it many time that she feels herself as a failure.

That is her real iceberg.

And we too have our own.

The iceberg is our experience that shapes our mind now. It is our genes that build our body to be like how we are now.

In lives, everything has its own reason. And too, there is a reason for every reason.

And from our experience, of course we can reason for every of other's people action. But still, we couldn't tell the reason for that reason.

Don't judge people from what we can see, and think.

Try to understand everyone. But remember, not everything we can understand, sometime we should just accept it.

That is, if you care enough to hear to other people's story and add their misery to your own already have million kinds of miseries. I know, actually you dont care, same like me, haha.

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  1. nice, good job..keep on blogging

  2. tiada 'abid yang maksum dari dosa..
    apa ntah lagi berjiwa remaja..
    mungkin hari ini kita kuat tapi x mustahil esok kita rebah dan x terdaya..
    mmg xpttla ssorg nangs sb laki wlaupn tw nape xblh nangs sbb sorg laki..

    well done, it's nice..

  3. mcm topik society health n medicine je.
    tip of iceberg~

  4. she cried because she's been treated like 'sampah'