Isnin, 1 Februari 2010

..otak beku..

..dan semasa saya bersendirian, atau berjalan-jalan, atau tak buat apa-apa, mahupun tengah buat sesuatu atau di mana jua, tak kira masa, saya ada kecenderungan untuk memikir, seperti anda semua.

Dahulu masa sekolah ada 3 benda yang saya sedang fikir; Teori Fizik, kimia dan matematik.

Sekarang saya dah tak belajar semua itu.

Sekarang saya belajar Perubatan.

The truth is, medic is all about facts.

And one thing that I do not like about facts is that there is nothing to think about.

What you are required is only to absorb everything turning your brain into sponge.

Take for example that VSEPR theory in Chemistry.

Yeah, its kinda fact. But one's ought to think why is that the shape of molecule become like that? And from the explanation given 'maximum repulsion between electron pairs', everyone can deduce by theirselves the shape of each molecules base on the electron pair the molecule have while riding the bus, looking through the window, cooking, bathing, and of course before sleeping!

Well of course that is only one theory, and its only in Chemistry. Not yet in Physics and Mathematics.

And of course I bet it would be a lot more fun if you take Computer Engineering, programming, mechanical engineering, and my favourite, Material Chemistry (is this the one for 'kimia bahan'?)

But let take for example the muscle in your hand in anatomy. Hell no you can deduce the name of each of that muscle by yourselves by looking at it while you are cooking! The only best thing you can do is to take a glimpse of the muscles name before you potong bawang, memorize it while your are tumising, and take a look again before you put that cabai blend.

And when you are washing that Tefal pan you are about to use to cook, you'll look at that green sponge used to put the soap while imagine that would be your brain while thinking of the lobe of the brain, wait, whats the name of each of the lobe again? Damn.

I understood Le Chatelier principle when I'm having a bath in the toilet.

I understood most of the quadratic formula while I'm laying on the bed just before I enter the dreams world.

I saw the path of trajectory, and understood the calculation while I'm eating in the dewan makan.

I saw chemical molecules in everyhting.

Well maybe the subject that I noticed in Medicine that theoritically can be think of is PPD and I&P, especially the Statistic part. But wait, do I even like these subject? What the f*** is public health? Oddly enough, in medicine I&P is the subject that I like the most. No, I'm not a weirdo.

Well mabe I think too much of it.

Well of course I do, because that is basically what my brain always do!

And maybe some of you would ask nonsensely 'Kenapa Hazrul suka update blog?', or some might noticed 'Hazrul selalu update blog'.

Well basically this is the only thing that I can think of at everytime.

My brain, like yours too can't stop thinking.

But of course, each of us thinks about different things.

At any point of given time, I have at least 10 entry that is not published yet. Its written everytime I think of something.

And some of it is scheduled to be post.

So if you saw my blog entry that have odd posting time such as at 00:00, or 01:00, you'll know that is scheduled post.

Well maybe I think too much.

I thought of it too.

Maybe its a sign that I should get married.

Owh yeah, the pressure is on now.

Oddly enough, lots of people around me lately seems like a bit crazy.

I dont know.

Maybe I'm the one that is insane.

Gosh. I need to be more serious now. I want to be Sirius.

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  1. I love I&P as well. It's good to understand people actually.