Selasa, 19 Januari 2010


..and it happens to be that out of 4 in my siblings (including me), I am the only one that have dark skin colour.

If it follows the Mandelian Inheritance taking into account that the dark skin colour is recessive, then it will be 1/4 offspring will have dark skin colour, and it is me.

Lucky I got myself a bright skin wife to be.

To test whether this dark skin colour is a recessive trait, I'll become the own subject of my own 'soon to be made' experiment.

And they say that the bigger the sample size, the better the result will be.

Therefore I plans to have 16 childrens. Thats a lot of work Nur 'Atikah Huda, but I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of knowledge.

But maybe I need to rethink that, because apparently my father has dark skin colour same as me. Hmm...

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