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..and it was told that the great Malacca civilisation is founded by a man named Parameswara.

Parameswara is a prince, a refugee that fled away from Palembang when his kingdom is attacked by Majapahit. So I guessed, bearing the title of birthplace for the founder of Malacca, Palembang must be a great place where great people lives.

And Palembang too is well known for its 'ulama'. Lots of 'ulama' came from there. So it must be, Palembang must be a great place in Indonesia.

But that's not the whole story yet. If you believe that Malaysian history is based solely and founded by Malacca, then you are dead wrong.

Lies on the north is a great kingdom named Langkasuka.

Before that there is a kingdom named Kedah Tua. Kedah Tua too is so great that it used to be in war with that huge India. Kedah Tua used to attack India!

Back to Langkasuka, it remains one of a great kingdom remembered by history. It starts in Kedah, but then changed to Pattani, where the people now lives under oppression by the Thais.

And both of the kingdom bred the oldest monarchy in the world; Kedah Sultanate. The sultanate is more than 1000 years old.

And among the Sultan, or the kings of Kedah, there is this one famous king. He is notoriously known for his habit of drinking human blood. Everybody knows him. He is Raja Bersiong (traditionally spelled with an 'o' instead of 'u'). Literally translated, it means Fang King.

Maybe people would laugh at his madness. But think of it as in my theory, a great civilized nation will have the inclination of liking humans that have fangs and suck blood. For example people nowadays like that Edward Cullen in Twilight Saga (vampire vs werewolves). I too admit that I am a fan of Night Watch movie (The Light Others vs The Dark Others). And Raja Bersiong is one proof of it (Raja Bersiong vs Kampar, a wereboar)

Parameswara and Raja Bersiong.

Palembang and Kedah.

Both have great history, and story. So one must guess that if we combine or hybrid two species that have the best qualities, we will get a new hybrid that have both of the great characteristics.

But sadly that do not always happens.

My grandfather on my father's side came from Palembang to learn Islamic knowledge in Pattani. But then he settled down in Kedah. While my mother is pure Kedahan.

So I'm the hybrid of the salt of the earth, the golden land, or whatever that you may call.

But still I'm looking at myself thinking, what do I have in myself that can build a nation? I found none. Except those weird theories that I always tried to discuss with my friends that later ignore me because they find me to be nonsense.

Well maybe that's why Parameswara has his obedient follower, or called Orang Laut. Or maybe that's why Raja Bersiong has his obedient minister that offer him his own blood while Raja Bersiong is running away from angry rebel.

And maybe that's too the reason why I'm lost while trying to sort out my own timetable, and needs my friend to tell me which part I'm missing.

Seriously I need a personal assistant, or P.A.

Owh, all excuses.

Well maybe this great genetics is like magnetic pole. North and north will repel each other. Hence I am the 'repelled' product.

That will perfectly explains why I am a very lazy, inactive and likes to sleep. Damn.

But I bet, both Parameswara and Raja Bersiong have 'perut buncit'. Nice.

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