Jumaat, 22 Mei 2009

..wake up doctor!..

..and Professor Sir Alex Markham told a story of many years ago when he was starting his housemanship. On the weekend he needs to start working at 8 am on the Friday and finish on the Monday. On one Monday..

..toot toot..

Nurse: Hello this is nurse, are u all right there?

Patient: Yes, but i need a little help here

Nurse: Yes what is it?

Patient: Can you come here and wake this doctor up? He's sleeping on my bed

And that reminds me of my homecountry, where the junior doctors still have to work like that for long hours without asleep. But still people likes to say doctor never do their job, especially M Saravanan. Sigh

Hope in 30 years time we don't have to treat our junior doctors like that. Hope there will be enough doctors in Malaysia.

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