Khamis, 10 Disember 2009 is ironic 1..

..and u walks down a street when suddenly u saw a man on kis knee with his hand tied and mouth covered up, and another big, strong, 'muskulos' man hitting the tied man.

U asked the strong man. "What are u doing?"

"Owh I'm teaching this man about peace". He replied.

"Why do you hit him?"

"Yeah, because he might come into my farm and breake some of my fences"

"Wait, so this is not your farm?"

"Yes, this is his farm"

"Do he ever come near to your farm dude?"

"Mmm I think so, because yesterday I found out that some of my fence got broken so I figured out this must be his job"

"So u r telling me this is his land, and u came into his land, tied him up, covered his mouth, and hits him so that he would know about peace?"

"Yeah man, for peace!"

"Great, what a noble Job! Here I give u some reward for your great job. Well done man!"

Life is ironic, and sometime it is stupid.


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