Isnin, 7 Disember 2009

..dieser Junge..

..and that boy sat infront of the telly, watching the late news on TV2. His mom forbid him from doing that, but he still want to. He sneaks out of his room each night if he can, to watch the news of that 'used to be great' tv station. Sadly nowadays, no one watch that channel anymore, sadly.

He sat watching the telly. Each words was in English. He didnt understood any of it. But what do he cares? Only the images shown that matters. Through that news, at 11.40 each night, his eyes wont blink for that last 20 minutes of day.

The segment called 'Technology'.

Though he recognised it from the words 'teknologi', his interest was sown few years before when he was still in kindergarden.

Watching a cyllinder with an aeroplane attached to it, burst into flame and propelled to the sky in minutes, space news still bears his interest up until now, still now. And from that news on TV2, he knew and first learnt, what does 'space' stand for, and what does 'technology' is meant for.

But on one night there was a bit unusual news that kept his eyes captivated.

It was a news, but unlike any other news that spoke the same language as the news reader, this segment showed a man talking in a language that seemed odd to his ear. And that the newsreader will speak along with that man in a language called 'Inggeris'. He knew that those people that was examining a blind man eyes, and that attached a robotic or mechanical eyes to that man, was speaking another language. And that they are of different people from the NASA people.

And those people that invented mechanical eyes that enabled blind people to see, really opened up his own eyes. He felt very sad for blind people. For he knew that to be unable to see means to be unable to cross the street, like that time when he helped a blind man crossed the street. Oh, he was still in primary school at that time, he has so much to learn about the world. But he do know, that he knew the world from what he see. But what about the blind?

And he knew from that night, that those people that spoke that language might too hold the secret to his own ambition; to develop prostethic mechanical limb for the disable people. And he knew, they might hold the technology for the biggest disability that he ever knew:blindness.

And the last word that he remembered from that night, the only one that he still remembered now was a name of a country.


After that night, he knew that he must learn about this so called people of 'Germany'.

And he do lots of reading, about everything, about Germany.

And then the Nazi came in, then Mercedes-Benz, Berlin, Prussia, Jerman, West Germany, and the black-orange-yellow flag. Everyhthing.

But being under influence of Japaneese movie 'Beautiful Life' at that time, he forgot about his ambition. He do have had some sort of ambiguity whether to opt for German or Japaneese, but being put into Japaneese class randomly by the teachers, he accepted it. And learnt Japaneese for 4 years.

But he still didnt forgot his ambition.

'Learn about citizen from their language'

That was what he had been taught in Theory of Knowledge.

'Vocabulary means knowledge of the people'. And he simplified it as 'Language is the people'. And he started to understood about 'Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa'

And now, he has chosen to pursue on his dream while doing his SSC. At least if he couldnt learn to be an expert in that language, he would have an idea of what does that language is all about.

And that boy learned from that news.

Space stands for ambition, and dreams. Technology is meant for life. Language, is the people. And people, build their life, from ambition.

Ich hei├če Hasrul Asvar, ich bin dieser Junge.

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