Rabu, 3 Mac 2010

..you are my inspiration..

..and he walked down the same street that he went through everyday to the class. This time, the sun was shining higher than before.

It's time for spring.

He closed his eyes and felt the warmth of the sunlight on his face. "It must be evening now there". He whispered in his heart. "She too must have felt the same warmth and looked at the same sun as me now". He smiled.

And in the night, when he looked at the sky upon the stars, he said to himself "It must be almost morning now there". He whispered in his head. "If she woke up and look at the sky now, she might had looked at the same sky and the same moon as me". He smile, again.

He tried to count the stars. But he couldn't do it. It was way too many. Then a song was heard in his head, about the stars, the moon, and her,

Beribu bintang di langit kini menghilang,
Meraba aku dalam kelam,
Rembulan mengambang kini makin suram,
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah.

Sedetik wajahmu muncul dalam diam,
Ada kerdipan ada sinar,
Itukah bintang atau rembulan?
Terima kasih ku ucapkan.

Izinkan ku mencuri bayangan wajahmu,
Izinkan ku mencuri khayalan denganmu,

Maafkanlah oh,
Andai lagu ini menganggu ruangan hidupmu,
Kau senyumlah, oh
Sekadar memori kita di arena ini,
Kau ilhamku.

Then he remembered about one night. She sneaked out in the late night and gave him a love letter under the starry night. A blue letter, with a song lyric and the drawing of a boy and a girl. He still kept that letter and brought it with him wherever he goes, across the continent, across the sea, across the sky. He still remembered that night. That night was so beautiful.

And he said,

"When there are no stars and moon to accompany me here,
Your face will always do in my memory,

You will always be with me,

You there, please smile, do smile,
I hope that you smile, no matter how hard you live there,
Please smile for me, I really hope that you smile,
I know it is hard to do so, I know, I can't hardly smile myself,
But I tried, I am trying, I know, this is for the sake of our future,
I can't smile if I felt that you are not smiling,
I can't smile if I knew you are not smiling,
And I can't smile if I saw your face was not smiling,

You are my inspiration,
Thank you, my words to you" =')

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