Rabu, 29 April 2009

..of indonesia and malaysia, the bleeding scar..

..and i grew tired reading all those comment on youtube whenever there's video about malaysian and indonesian artist. Tired of reading those cursed words from both sides, and how both country making fun of each other.

I ain't say i am not on my Malaysian side and choose on being neutral, but its not a matter of who is the right one now, and who is the best, for me I think its more than that.

People forget, and forgot who they are. Easily set on their anger when being teased about their mother, that leads to parent, their ancestor, and later on their race.

But do we forgot who are we? Malaysian and Indonesian now suffers from big problem now, the problem of forgotten that both indigenous people of the country came from the same root; Malay. Now I too get severely challenged on explaining to the Indonesian that Malay is not equal to Malaysian, and Indonesian too are Malay, but the problem worsen when both party forgot that no matter what it is called Malay or Java or Indonesian, they all came from the same root of people.

Ancient sailor wrote on their map while sailing here, the name of the indigenous people that inhibits the archipelago that now covers from Peninsular Malaysia, borneo, Sumatran or all of the Indonesian Territory and called them Malay Archipelago. Because what? Because we are all Malay!!

Not so long untill all of the sailor too came with them gun and all sort of bombardment weapon starting on marauding our land each one by one, separating us and calling us by all sort of name; Malaysia, Indonesia.

And now the bleeds of those marauders healed and became a scar, a scar of racism and nationalism. Malaysia with Malaysian, Indonesia with Indonesian (not to forgot Ganyang Malaysia).

If one would say that Malaysia's name is not original, I would happily too quote that Indonesia too are just a borrowed words from those marauders ( the 'Indo' part) and what bring proud to those people too are nonsense (at least the word 'Malay' is original, sorry for being bias)

And now the spirit of nasionalism is becoming worsen that we forgot our blood is the same, our skin colour are the same, and few hundreds year ago we spoke the same language!!

I remembered one part in the book International Jew, on the Protocol of Zion (for those who are not familliar, Protocol of Zion is an agenda by the Jews to control the world), in which the saying goes like this ( i cant remember the full quote)

" and we shall put on them the spirit of nasionalism and patriotism so that they will divided"

Hope this entry shall give a light on my friends, don't we forget that no matter if they are Indonesian, or Malaysian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, as long as they are Muslim, its mean we are brothers.

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