Sabtu, 9 April 2016


..and after everything looks fine and in order, I went back home.

That was yesterday. Yesterday I went to the factory to see if everything related to chemicals were in order for the production line to start. It was supposed to be a weekend holiday for me, but I went there anyway just so I don't have to answered to my boss if any problem happened.

Today is the 101st day of the year 2016.

It would be the special 100th day for every other year, but this year is the leap year. So on this year, 101st day would be the day that I hated the most.

There are no windows from room that I can look out for the stars on this day.

Usually on this day, I would look up at the night sky to see the stars.

The same stars and constellation 28 years ago when I was born.

The earth has circled around the sun 28 times since I was born.

I haven't done anything that I am really proud of since those 28 circles.

But this 28th circles is definitely better compared to the 27th circle, and also the last 4 to 5 circles.

I haven't achieved anything yet.

But on this 28th circles, I realized something.

I shouldn't compare myself to others.

Life is not fair, even since the beginning of the 0th circle. And I have to admit it.

On this 28th circles, I hope I woun't compare myself to others.  I hope I will compare myself only to myself on the previous circles.

To compare what have I improved.

What have I learned in life.

What new knowledge have I gained.

What old knowledge still I retained.

What new skills have I developed.

And most important,

What new challenged have I accepted, and passed.

The rainbow is just an illusion.

Life is nothing but a storm.

And I hope I will endure it, like what I have been done before.

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